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As a Certified Addictions Professional, National Certified Gambling Counselor, and Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, I am trained to treat and have experience treating problems with alcohol or drugs, gambling, sexual addiction, pornography addiction, internet addiction, and more.  Each form of addiction is similar and different at the same time.  Following an in-depth assessment, I  will develop a personalized plan for moving forward and taking back your life.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  Take the first step. Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.
I have worked with  adolescents throughout the course of my career.  I have treated them for relatively simple things, as well as very complex issues. However, children cannot be “fixed” in a vacuum — parental involvement is critical.  Your willingness to be part of your child’s solution will be the key to bringing about his/her change.  Don’t put it off under the mistaken notion that it will get better on its own. The sooner we begin, the better.  Make an appointment today. Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.
Anger itself is a legitimate feeling and a healthy emotion.   What we do with our anger is the issue.  If your anger becomes overwhelming, interferes with  your relationships or work, or threatens to turn violent,  it is then that it becomes a destructive emotion.  I employ cognitive behavioral therapy, coping strategies, and work on the underlying issues to enable clients to gain insight and begin to take control of their anger, instead of their anger controlling them.  You CAN do this.  I can show you how.   Pick up the phone or send an email.  Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.
Anxiety and stress serve a purpose —  if we find ourselves face to face with a lion.  But in most of our daily lives, that doesn’t happen.  However, it CAN feel that way.  If you are having debilitating anxiety with or without panic attacks, if your stress is becoming overwhelming, I can help.  I have spent many years helping people to deal with the lions in their lives and avoid being devoured.  I will assess your lion from every angle and develop with you a plan of attack to chase it away or tame it.  You CAN stop running and you CAN be in charge again.  Let’s talk.  Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.
If you think you may have a problem with binge eating, or if you are constantly struggling with weight and body issues, let’s meet and take a look at it.  Often, this is a symptom of some other issue — and often, the underlying issue isn’t what you think it is.  I can lead you to identify what is really causing the unwanted behavior and develop a plan that will change it.  The first step toward change is calling for an appointment.  Let’s begin.  Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.
If you are feeling stuck in your job and don’t know how to move forward or if you are having problems in the workplace, Insight Counseling and Coaching is uniquely positioned to provide you with solutions, direction, and mentoring along the way.  Jim Bunsa has  30 years experience in managment and as a management consultant assessing and developing individuals to achieve their growth potential.  We can help you achieve yours.  Set up an appointment to discuss your needs and goals.  Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.
Anyone who has ever suffered depression knows how destructive it is to every facet of our lives.  If you have been feeling hopeless, helpless, sad, angry — if you have been withdrawing from friends and family, or if you have been turning to substance abuse, pornography, workaholism, or other forms of excess because that is the only way you can escape the feelings, if you have been having thoughts that life is not worth living and you can’t see a way out of the darkness, call me.  I successfully have enabled hundreds of clients to come back into the light.  Take the first step.  Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.

Do you want to grow in talent management, facilitating change, change management, building a successful team, driving execution, honing your leadership skills, or all of the above?  James (Jim)Bunsa has over three decades of experience in management and executive development.  Jim can identify your strengths and weaknesses,  guide you in maximizing your strengths and improving your weaknesses to put you on the fast track to reach your career goals.  Though semi-retired, Jim enjoys developing leaders and will be with you to strategize and manage any situation that arises.  Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.

When one person in a family is out of balance, the entire family is out of balance.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking, “It will just go away.”  I have employed family systems therapy throughout my 30-year career and have many written testimonials from parents to attest to my skill.  Whether it has to do with substance abuse issues, parenting issues, an oppositional or defiant child, sibling issues, blending two families, or some other family problem, I have dealt with them all and know how to help you bring things back to balance again.  Set up an appointment to begin.  Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.
Grieving any kind of loss (person, marriage, animal, job, opportunity) is a testament to the depth of emotion we have for another being or entity.  In that sense, it is a beautiful thing.  However, it is painful and can be overwhelming.  Working with a professional can help you move through the process more quickly and with less disruption to your daily living and relationships.  You CAN come out the other side.   Contact me to begin feeling better. Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.
Even the most loving and committed couples can hit rough spots that threaten to unravel the fabric of the relationship.  Issues that go unaddressed weaken the fabric.   As a trained, experienced, objective observer, I  can hold up a mirror to help you see where the threads are frayed and propose solutions and techniques to mend them.  Well mended fabrics are stronger than before and less likely to tear again.  Couples therapy can be hard, but isn’t your relationship worth it?  Make an appointment and let’s start mending.  Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.
My opinion is that psychotherapy should not be guided by a “One size fits all” mentality.  Having practiced psychotherapy for nearly 30 years, I have learned that what may work with one person may be entirely wrong for another.   Therefore my approach is eclectic.   When appropriate, I use a solutions-focused brief therapy model, assessing, then identifying the critical elements, and developing a plan with you to enable you to restore balance and harmony to your life.  For issues that are not amenable to solutions-focused brief therapy, I choose the approach that best suits your issues, goals, and personality.  By the third session, I will give you a plan. Let’s discuss your needs.  Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.
As a board certified Clinical Sexologist, I am trained in and have treated the gamut of sexual issues, including but not limited to sexual dysfunction,  unwanted sexual thoughts or behaviors. sexual trauma, sexual addiction, LGBT issues,  gender identity and transgender/transsexual  issues.  If you are having an issue of a sexual nature, or if you are considering sexual reassignment,  I can help. Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.
Do you find yourself having flashbacks to a traumatic event?  Do you have nightmares, constant anxiety and tension, panic attacks?  Do you find yourself having spontaneous anger outbursts or episodes of rage or crying spells?  Has it caused problems in your relationships, work, or other daily functioning.  If so, you deserve some relief.  I am trained in trauma therapy, including the only form of trauma therapy approved by the US military.  Reach out today.  Call us at 407-756-0763 or Send us an Email.
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